About Us

The Asians Belong (AsBe) project empowers Asian Americans (AsAm) to embrace their resilience, contributions and accomplishments. Through R.E.A.L (Reclaim, Express, Affirm, and Love) stories we improve emotional well being, increase empathy, and decrease racism.

Asians Belong is an archaeological and anthropological survey that unearths stories of AsAm’s past and present to create a living legacy of inspiration for future generations. This is about our cultural identity as we navigate the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.  It brings awareness of our triumphs and struggles and helps us create a sense of belonging in a landscape where AsAm’s are being viewed as the other.  Unfortunately, our current societal structure and biases prevent AsAm stories from being heard and shared widely.  Asians Belong seeks to change the rhetoric.

Asians Belong is a project of Communities As One (CAO).  We aim to redefine kinship, bridge and heal fractured communities by creating opportunities for inclusion, reimagination, and understanding. Through cross-cultural events, healing circles, Kingian non-violence training, and trauma-informed embodiment practices, CAO builds an empowered, beloved community.  CAO envisions a world where we all belong at the table, where we realize our interconnectedness, and where we celebrate unity in diversity.